Simplicity is the final achievement.
— Frédéric Chopin

Creating music was always in the cards. To see the first evidence of this, one needs only look at my kindergarten’s career day in the small town of Statham, Georgia.  I had my future lined up in front of me already.  When it was my turn, I stood up in front of the class, and said, “I want to drive trucks, drink beer and play guitar,” I told my classmates, much to my teacher’s dismay and embarrassment to my mother who was present for career day. Of course, my feelings on the first two subjects changed much over the years, but my love of music has grown ever sharper.


My musical career began to take shape when I first hit the stage in 2006, only four years after I decided to finally pick up the guitar. Even then, it was clear to audiences at the venues I frequented that my songs, which employ a myriad of inspiration, wouldn’t be so easily categorized.

“I believe my music is my inner voice screaming aloud, expressing my emotion, thoughts and life experiences.”   “I like to write what I feel. My style could be a country song, a pop song, a folk song or an alternative-rock song.”

I am very grateful of my humble beginnings down a red dusty dirt road, located in Zama, MS with a population of 36 where I was born. To be able to have seen so much so far I feel very blessed.  I continue to chase my dreams, maintain unwavering faith, along with trusting my instincts that my adventures will continue to be miraculous.

Photograph Credit to Brandon Morgan