Confessions of a Dreamer

Confessions of a Dreamer

Tommy Ray

After much thought and prayer, I have come to a decision on how I want to live my life.  I am going to follow my favorite quote by Thoreau, “Go confidently in the direction of your dream!  Live the life you’ve imagined.”  Couple this with words of wisdom from people I respect such as; Jim Rohn, Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs, Tony Robbins, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Les Brown, and Jim Carey; I have decided I want to live life, instead of just simply breathe through my life how I am currently.

I have thought of myself as odd, an outsider, even a misfit from the norm as I feel I see the world different than most.  I mean, I have already resigned two jobs that has paid me almost $100K per year to do something many cannot comprehend.  I resigned my orthopedic surgery position to go walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain in 2012 and I resigned my teaching position in 2016 to pursue my dreams of writing and music full-time.

So what is my dream and this big announcement I have tried to build up.  Based on the rules of success of Warren Buffet, he stated, “do what you want to do as if independently wealthy” and “what would you do if you knew you could not fail.”  For me that is to travel, to be a songwriter, an author, and a philanthropist.  To be more specific, I want to travel on pilgrimages to places like China, Japan and do further hiking adventures such as visiting Ireland, Scotland, and Europe.  I want to learn to surf and ride a mountain bike all over the world.  I want to be a sought after songwriter where my music is placed in movies, TV, video games, and re-recorded by others.  I want to be a best-selling author with my book series.  I want to gain my wealth through these avenues as well as perform music all over the world.  I also want to help people, from simply paying for someone’s groceries, being part of charities, and ensuring my mom is taken care of.

When making this decision, I first simply relaxed and told myself everything was going to be okay.  The next biggest thought I had was to do not care what others thought.  I decided I would rather follow my passions and risk being myself than following the status quo.  I also decided not to allow fear to hold me back and to believe in myself.

As most know, I have always believed in myself and persevered to accomplish my goals.  I mean, I was cut from the basketball team from 6th grade to 11th grade and kept trying until I made it my senior year in high school.  Then six years after I graduated high school, I was a graduate assistant on a division one men’s basketball team at FAMU where I was used in practice to guard the starting point guard almost every day.

Life is short and a mystery, we all know too well we do not know when our last day is.  Being in medicine, I have had at least 5 people pass away as I was performing CPR.  Plus, every day on the radio or news, someone passes away due to a trauma or unforeseen incident.  They had no idea when leaving the house that morning, their life was going to end.  I have decided to take a chance, take a risk and go for it. 

The first step for me was to truly commit.  There is no plan B, only plan A.  I do have high expectations for myself, however, I have a vision as well.  I told myself if I want it, go get it.  Another thing I am doing is listening to my gut.  We all have instincts we listen too, I have even written a few songs about this which I will record soon as part of as my new album, which will be my second album. 

Importantly, I believe in myself.  I know I will have to work on my skills daily which include writing and improving my skills on my guitar.  A major goal is to keep moving forward and not give up.  I have faith to bring my dreams to life.  Dreams can happen, I have the power.  It is possible.

I also have faith and believe in prayer.  I was born in Zama, MS population 36.  From this starting point, many blessings have occurred for me and everything major in my life, I can look back at a point when I prayed for that experience to happen.  I recall as a child praying to be in a TV commercial and in 1999, I was flown out to Beverly Hills, CA to be a principal actor in a Saturn Cars Commercial.  I can look back about wanting to live in Colorado and overseas which both happened.  When I was a freshman at Guilford College looking at a board in Mary Broo’s office of her time in the Olympics I wanted to do that, in 1999, I was with the Miami Dolphins and in 2002 I was part of the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. 

Besides my daily dream catcher list that enables me to reach my dreams and goals, I am also improving my manifestation skills.  It has helped me not to worry, hope, or doubt and to simply live.  I know I am abundant and prosperous.  I know I can do this and that I am doing this.  I feel I am a magnet for everything I am desiring.  We all have a purpose for being here, I truly feel I am finally listening to my instincts and following my purpose.  I am trying to go beyond myself and accomplish a miracle.  By doing this, it is my dream I can inspire others to take leaps of faith.  I would love someone to ask me to talk to groups of people about my life because it may inspire others to follow their dreams.

How often do you take a moment from your day and imagine a different life, what you truly want, or wish things could be different?  Most of us will have about 29,200 days on this earth, I have used almost 15,700 of mine.  I realized the worst day of the week is not Monday, but its tomorrow.  By saying there is a tomorrow, we put off what we could do today which could mean we do not accomplish our goals and dreams.

By making this decision, I truly feel I am defining myself and living a meaningful life.  I understand it is going to be difficult, filled with set-backs, failures, and doubt.  However, no matter how bad it gets, I know I am okay.  I have passion, clarity, and of course desire.  Henry Ford once said, “The man who said he can and the man who said he cannot are both right.”  I feel I have the strength to become what I desire. 

I am truly grateful to so many things to allow me to make this decision.  God is number one, he gives me the power and I truly believe He is the voice of my instinct.  My family and friends for both positive and negative support of my decision.  I am grateful my truck is paid for and runs well as I will need it over the next months for survival. 

I plan on working hard for myself.  By working hard, it has allowed me to obtain things I never thought I would have, like my three degrees.  I plan of becoming a better me.  This is also helping me live in the present moment and savior each day.  I dream big.

What is in store next for Tommy Ray?  I have decided I would rather be homeless pursuing my dreams than going to a job/career with limited to no passion or joy or where I am counting on Friday or the next holiday to come.  I am beginning a busking trip in March of 2016 performing on the streets across our country so I can see the country and to spread my music and use the experience to write a book, (my second).  I plan on calling this book, “A Country Boy Busking Across America.”  My first book is currently in the final stages based on my pilgrimage to Santiago, Spain, “A Country Boy Walking the Camino.”  Can you see the pattern of my desired book series?

So, I am trusting my gut.  I have prepared my goals.  I pray every day, A LOT.  I feel anything and everything is possible.  I feel it has already happened for me, as long as I take steps every day toward it, they are here. 

My plan on my trip and all future trips is to post pictures/tweets/blogs, etc.  I will be primarily using my personal website:  Though I will use Facebook and Tweeter on occasion.  I do have faith you will desire to follow me, and share this and my updates with your social networks of family and friends.  If you see someone on the streets playing music, come up and say hello, it may just be me.

I would like to say thank you and I am truly grateful.  A new year, a new you.


Tommy Ray



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